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If you are looking for Bike on Rent in Chennai at affordable prices on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, Rentsewa is the best place to get it on Rent or hire. We offer motorcycle Rental like superBikes, KTM Duke, Royal Enfield, Himalayan, Honda Activa, Yamaha, Pulsar, Bajaj Avenger, Harley Davidson, BMW etc. Rentsewa is India's largest online Rental portal and our tag line is Rentsewa - Rent is new trend. In early days most of the people were fascinated by superBikes, high cost or high performance Bike but not everyone can afford it and it was a dream for youngster who was willing to ride it at least once. There are people who just bought it for passion or status symbol or to impress people but after that they do not use it much because of various reasons. Now the craze is increasing as all kind of Bikes are available on Rent where you can get it on Rent for a day, week or month as per your requirement. Now a days it becomes trend for Bike lovers to Rent a superBike and take a ride on Sunday or any day when they are free. Taking Bike on Rent help them to save lots of money as well as they can fulfil their dream to ride a superBike as well. Now a days taking a normal Bike or two wheeler is also in trend as those who are not having it and if they have to cover lots of places in one day, they use to go for it as they able to save money as well as time. In all the tourist place or hill stations, Bike Rental is in trend and youngster prefers to go for that. In Chennai now Bike Rental is coming in trend and Bike Rental demand is increasing now a days, so if you are looking for Bike on Rent, what are you looking for? Pls visit , explore the opportunity with lots of registered Bike vendors, get a quote from them, compare the price and go for the best.


Rentsewa – Why choose us for Bike on Rent in Chennai?

1.       Rentsewa is India’s largest online Rental Portal.

2.       There is option of choosing vendor & product rating wise.

3.       Active customer support.

4.       Thousands of happy customers in Chennai.

5.       Serving across all the metro cities.

6.       Short & Long Term Rental.

7.       Low Cost, Easy Setup.

8.       Lowest Monthly Rentals. Guaranteed.

9.       Multiple brands with latest Products.

10.   Deal in all types of Rental products.

11.    Leading Brands in all the categories are available.

12.   Having option to get quote from Vendors, do the price comparison and go for the best.


Tips to book a Bike on Rent in Chennai!

Now a days Bike riding is the most common and convenient mode of transport as it is easily affordable. Actually Bike riding has got so many benefits like it saves lots of time in heavy traffic, you can ride the Bike in narrow roads, no parking hassles as it does not take much space, it is really cost effective and having low maintenance which makes it popular in all the city across the country. There are people are not willing to purchase a Bike or not able to afford it to purchase can still enjoy the Bike riding by taking it on Rent in Chennai. Those who want to ride superBikes can have a great opportunity to get all the high class Bikes on Rent in Chennai. There are few important points which you need to take care of at the time Bike Rent:


Choose Bike as per your requirement:

You should be very careful when you are taking Bike on Rent and choose the one as per your requirement. If you are just willing to cover whole city, you need to go for normal Bike, if you are having a bag or need to purchase something, you need to go for scooty or Honda Activa kind of vehicle which is more comfortable with small luggage. If you are willing to enjoy the ride or can handle the superBike, you should go for superBikes.


You should be a Licence Holder:

If you are willing to take Bike on Rent, the first and most important thing is that you should be having a valid driving licence. No Bike Rental company or agency will allow you to Rent a Bike without having a valid driving licence. Even Insurance Company also does not pay in accidental case if not having driving licence.


Check Bike condition properly before taking the charge:

You need to check Bike physical condition properly whether all the parts are Ok or not, tyre condition are Ok or not, all the lights are working or not, all the breaks are working or not, to make sure a smoother ride otherwise it if breaks down anywhere in the city, your time will be waste. You need to check all the documents like RC, Insurance and Pollution Certificate of the Bike as well otherwise you will have to face challan or need to pay penalty if you caught by Chennai traffic police.


You should not be the Rental price conscious:

As we suggested to go for Bike Rent as per your requirement and accordingly you need to choose the vehicle, you should not just go for the cheapest Rental vehicle instead of the most suitable vehicle as per your requirement. Choose a Bike which needs to fulfil your requirement. Pls do not compromise when it comes to your safety and comfort.


All safety measures need to be taken care of:

Your life is too costly and you need to be very careful when driving, that is why we suggest taking all the necessary safety precautions like wear helmet, gloves and safety suit if you are riding a superBike.


Bike on Rent in Chennai frequently asked questions.


Where can I get Bikes  for Rent in Chennai ?

You can get Bike on Rent across Chennai. Pls visit and explore the opportunity.


Can I give my Bike on Rent in Chennai ?

Why not? You can also give your Bike on Rent or you can also act like a Bike Rental vendor. You can also visit and register as a Vendor and start giving Bike on Rent.


Where is Renting  bullet available in Chennai , also I am not 21, will I get Bike on Rent ?

You can get Bullet across Chennai. If you are more than 18 years and you have a valid driving licence, you can take Bike on Rent.


Where can I get a Bike on Rent on a monthly basis in Chennai?

Our Bike Rental vendors are across Chennai; you can contact them and choose from anywhere you want to take it on Rent.


Which is the best place in Chennai to Rent a Bike for Ladakh?

Not every Bike Rental Vendors in Chennai offer Bike on Rent from Chennai to Ladakh, you need to connect and check with them who all are giving it on Rent and choose the best out of them.


Can I Rent a Bike in Chennai  and deposit at an outstation?

You need to visit, you need to connect with all the registered vendors across Chennai and cross check with them whether they are having this facility or not and finalise the deal with the right vendor.


Can I Rent a Bike for 6 months in Chennai ?

Yes, you can Rent a Bike for a day, a week, a month, for half year and for a year as well.


How can I Rent a Bike?

If you are looking for a Bike on Rent in Chennai, pls visit, connect with registered vendors, get a quote, compare the price and facility and go for the best.


What documents are required for Renting a Bike?

All the Bike Rental vendors across Chennai will ask common documents which are a valid driving licence, Identity Proof and Residential proof.


Is fuel included with the Rental?

No. Fuel is not included with Rental amount.


How much security deposit I need to pay?

It really depends on vendors, type of Bike and tenure of the Rent. Every Bike Rental vendor is having a chart for all the Bike with detail.


When shall I get the security deposit back?

Generally when you return the Bike to Rental vendor, they use to return the security on an immediate basis provided the vehicle is in proper condition as you had taken it at the time of Rent.


Are long term Bike Rentals cheaper?

Yes. Overall if you realise it cost you much cheaper as compare to purchase with facility to upgrade as well.


What are the various Bike Rental formats?

You can Rent a Bike on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Longer the duration, cheaper the Rent is.


Where can I get a bike for rent in Chennai?

You can get bike on rent in Chennai from rentsewa website . visit the website select the bike choose the city and get bike on rent .


Where can I get a superbike for rent in Chennai (not cruiser bikes or sports bikes)?

If you are looking for superbike on rent in Chennai . You are into right place visit rentsewa website Choose the city select the bike and get it on rent.


Where can I get a Harley Davidson bike for a one day rent in Chennai?

If you are looking for Harley Davidson bike for one day in Chennai you should visit rentsewa website there is 100 plus register vendors those deals in superbike.


From where I can rent a bike in Chennai at nominal prices?

You can get bike on rent in nominal prices for daily, weekly and Monthly basis on rentsewa website .


Which is the best place to rent bike in Chennai?

Rentsewa is the best website for bike on rent in Chennai.


Should I buy a new or second hand or rent a bike in chennai?

If you are not into home city you should go for rent there is website name called rentsewa provide bike on rent in Chennai for short and long term rent in nominal prices.


Where in Chennai can you get a bike for one-day rent with unlimited kms?

Rentsewa is the website which provide bike on rent in Chennai for Daily, weekly and Monthly basis.


What are some bike rental services in Chennai where I can rent a motorbike on a monthly basis?

You should must visit rentsewa website for bike on rent in Chennai for Monthly basis.


Can you rent a bike around Chennai central at nominal prices?

Yes. Visit rentsewa website choose the bike near your area and get it on rent .



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